Wholesale furniture delivery

Wholesale furniture delivery from China

China is the biggest player in the global market, offering quality furniture in different price ranges at very affordable prices for both the end customer and wholesale customers. Small stores and dishonest manufacturers were replaced by large Chinese factories with high-tech modern equipment, which are able to produce both standard mass market products and signature furniture and decor from natural materials, since China has no problems with its own resources.

Many believe that as today the Internet is widespread and communications are available throughout the whole world, it is enough to find contacts of Chinese sellers, get in touch with them and start your own business. In reality, everything turns out to be not so simple, as you need to process a huge amount of information, and as a result you still buy a “pig in a poke”, and if you are lucky enough, and you deal with an honest seller, and you will also be lucky with customs clearance and delivery…

If you do not want to risk your money, and even more your time, but decided to do business selling furniture, we recommend that you send us a request and we calculate the cost of an individual tour for you.

Оптовые поставки

Our company has been working with furniture factories and suppliers in China for 19 years, and during this time we have established relationships with trusted manufacturers, developed the processes of ordering goods at the factories, their acceptance, consolidation in our warehouses, customs clearance and legal support of the deal.

Оптовые поставки

We work with furniture factories in Foshan and Guangzhou, and in addition to a tour of huge shopping malls featuring kilometers of expositions of various factories (Sunlink North, Louvre, MCline), representing upholstered furniture, kitchens, cabinet and wicker furniture, as well as textiles, decor, sanitary ware, interior items and dish ware, our guide-interpreter, who will accompany you throughout your entire stay in China, will also be able to show you the production process itself, if you wish, by organizing a furniture tour to the factory or the wholesale market.

Of course, wholesale purchasing in China is not a quick procedure, sometimes the whole process from order to production (and all furniture will be made exclusively for you) and delivery can take from several weeks to several months, but we stay in touch and at your disposal all this time controlling every step.

Dealing with Chinese suppliers today is a cost-efficient and profitable business, if you turn to professionals. Contact us and we will help you get the most benefit with a reasonable investment!

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