Furniture Tours to China

Save up to 70% compared with prices
for furniture in your local market

Compare prices for furniture in local market and China


Save 67%

Original price 16 650 USD
Price in China 5 460 USD


Save 72%

Original price 11 200 USD
Price in China 3 100 USD


Save 79%

Original price 9 000 USD
Price in China 1 870 USD


Save 53%

Original price 6 040 USD
Price in China 2 800 USD


Save 73%

Original price 10 480 USD
Price in China 2 340 USD

What can you buy on a furniture tour to China?


2-4 times cheaper
than in local market

Finishing and
building materials

3-10 cheaper
than in local market


3-7 cheaper
than in local market

Decor elements
and tableware

5-20 cheaper
than in local market


3-5 cheaper
than in local market

and marble

3-7 cheaper
than in local market

About Furniture Tour

On a 5-day trip to China, you will select and order exclusive furniture which is 2-3 times cheaper than in your local market. The furniture tour will take you to Foshan, a city where 3 big shopping malls – Sunlink North, Louvre and MCline – are located. Despite a common stereotype, the quality of factory-made furniture from China is as high as the quality of European brands. Moreover, a lot of Italian, German, and French manufacturers order it here, in China, and then sell it under their brand names worldwide with a 100-300% mark-up.

Why overpay? Go on a furniture tour with us and save money

Furniture in Foshan Shopping Malls

In China, you will find both classic and unique exclusive furniture that is one-of-a-kind in the whole world
Advantages of Our Furniture Tours to China

You pay 2 - 3 times less

Furniture produced in China is of high quality but not expensive due to cheap labor force. That is why European manufacturers sell it under their brand names

Safe purchases

We will review the contract and control the fulfillment of obligations by the manufacturer as well as check the compliance of furniture with samples

You don’t need to know the language

You will be accompanied by an English-Chinese speaking interpreter who will help you select and order furniture. We will also provide transportation

Warranty and insurance

If you buy furniture with us, the manufacturer warranty remains valid. All furniture has full insurance coverage during shipment

You can negotiate discounts

In the course of bargaining, our manager, who is familiar with the mentality and psychology of Chinese sellers, often decreases the furniture price by 10 – 20%

Worldwide delivery

We offer guaranteed time-definite and day-definite delivery worldwide based on your shipment's destination. We insure all goods

How is a Furniture Tour Organized?

1. Request

Send a request on our website or call us

2. Drafting a program

We will draft your personal furniture tour program considering your needs

3. Pick-up in China

Our guide-interpreter meets you at the airport in China and provides transportation

4. Hotel check-in

You check in to the hotel yourself or with the help of our guide-interpreter if requested

5. Selection of furniture

You visit shopping malls in Foshan and select furniture with a guide-interpreter

6. Conclusion of contract

We conclude a contract with a manufacturer for the production and delivery on your behalf

7. Production of furniture

The factory produces furniture and then we check the quality compliance of the produced furniture

8. Delivery to client

After all the documents have been prepared and furniture from different manufacturers has been collected at our warehouse, we deliver it to your door

What is the price of a furniture tour and what is included?

Our service fee amounts to 5% of the total purchase of the client, but no less than USD1000. The price includes:
  • Transportation from and to the airport;
  • An experienced guide-interpreter accompanying you;
  • Controlling the fulfillment of obligations by the seller;
  • Conformance inspection of the purchased items;
  • Loading of furniture into shipping containers;
  • Delivery to your place is paid separately

Our Company by the Numbers


in the market Furniture Casa Limited (mother company Hana Consultancy)


work in our company 

million $

saved on furniture in total by our clients

Customer Feedback

Photos of the furniture bought and installed by our clients

In the course of furniture selection, our guide-interpreter will help you choose the style, color and shape of furniture to match your interior design

Frequently Asked Questions

Our company office is located in Guangzhou at the following address:Room1807, Huide International Building No. 102 Haoxian Rd. Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

Furniture is mainly purchased in Foshan which is 40-60 minutes by car from Guangzhou. Foshan has three big shopping malls: Sunlink North,Louvre, MCline. The rest of the purchases are made in Guangzhou(curtains and table ware).

For customers on our furniture tour, we have all the furniture delivered to our warehouse before shipping it to you.

Before the items are delivered to our warehouse, we check their quality compliance at the factory.

All the items have full insurance coverage amounting to 110% of the cost. If the items are damaged during the delivery, you will receive full compensation.

We have all the documents for conducting this type of business activity as well as the business license that we present to our customers. We sign an official bilateral contract for the provision of furniture tour services. Everything is official and is regulated by law.

As a rule, we have families which makes 2 – 3 people and an interpreter. But sometimes we have big families of up to 7 – 8 people – this is the maximum capacity of our car.

We help you choose a hotel, plane ticket and apply for a visa. Our help is free of charge, but the accommodation and tickets are paid by the client. Many of our competitors offer a turnkey tour for $500-600, which is an outrageous lie, because in the end you find out about a number of hidden charges. Everything is transparent with no surprises.

Our English-speaking manager-interpreter with a company car will meet you personally, brief you and explain everything. Once you turn to our company, you no longer need to worry about anything other than what you want to buy.

All together you will spend $600 and more for 5 days – it all depends on the requirements and financial means of the client.

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