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Furniture tour to China for individuals

Having 19 years’ experience in the furniture market, we can save you all worries at once by organizing an individual furniture tour to China, where in huge shopping malls of Guangzhou and Foshan you will select absolutely all upholstered and cabinet furniture, as well as sanitary ware, finishing materials, lighting , decor, curtains and even dish ware for your home! Everyone knows that the cost of furniture production in China is amazingly low due to cheap labor, while the quality remains at such a high level that many furniture brands in Italy produce part of their furniture models in this country.

Мебельный тур

Foshan is a paradise for those who appreciate design. It is a modern global furniture market housing about 3,000 offices of furniture factories and companies. Since ancient times, this city has specialized in the production of furniture and silk. Even today, 50% of ceramics and porcelain of all China is produced there. We will help you not to get lost having such a wide choice and being in a foreign country. We will make a free recommendation of a hotel, help you buy tickets to the necessary destinations and at a reasonable price, as well as apply for a visa. Our Russian-speaking colleague will meet you at the airport, arrange a transfer to the hotel and will be your driver throughout the shopping tour, acting as a guide, interpreter, as well as a representative of your interests in front of the seller, helping you not only select the right furniture models from hundreds of proposed options, agree on non-standard production or different colors and finishes, but also reduce the price of the selected product, since having lived and traded in China for many years, he better understands the mentality of Chinese sellers.

Мебельный тур

After you have walked several kilometers in shopping malls and, tired but satisfied with the choice, you have made a 30% advance payment for the furniture, you can relax completely and celebrate your purchase with rice wine and dim sum at a local restaurant – since this moment we control the whole manufacturing process, the delivery, storage and transportation! We check the quality of the goods produced by the seller, its compliance with your order, collect it in our warehouse, load it into shipping containers, always insure the cargo at 110% of its value, so that in case of unexpected damage to the goods you will receive full compensation, and deliver the goods to your door, having received the final payment before shipping. When planning your purchases, make sure to take into account the cost of furniture delivery from China which is approximately 25-30% of the order amount, and our support will cost you 7% of the total cost.

  And most importantly, do not forget that we really help you save money!

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