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Office furniture from China

If you know how to count money and value your time, while launching your own business or just want to refurbish your old office, there is simply no better solution than an office furniture tour to China.

Офисная мебель

Five kilometers of exhibition spaces in Foshan shopping malls (where we organize individual office furniture tours) feature: classic office solutions with luxury executive offices of superior quality and with expensive finishes, upholstered office furniture, furniture for the inner office and reception desks, office armchairs and chairs, as well as modern options for the operational work of staff, including trendy eco-friendly goods, which are ten times more expensive in Europe due to the mentioned high cost of natural resources.

The company’s office is the face of any enterprise, while the executive office will tell a lot about its owner. Therefore, usually the owner spends generously to furnish them, trying to surpass and surprise his friends by ordering a chair and a desk in Italy at the price of a private jet. However, let us share a little secret with you: most Italian companies have long been represented in Chinese factories and successfully produce their products in China. So why overpay for the brand, when the fashion is transient: classic offices are replaced by high-tech ones, the fashion moves in a spiral. You should not work for your office, your office should work for you!

Офисная мебель
Офисная мебель

Our company offers you a simple and effective scheme that saves both time and money: you give us a project of your office, and we evaluate how profitable it will be for you to come to China and buy the necessary furniture yourself. If you are satisfied with the conditions and our prices (our services make up only 5% of the order value), then we take on the full cycle of your support, tracking readiness, safety and transportation of the order.

Company managers and owners prefer having total control over everything, including the selection and supply of furniture, and our offer is precisely this case, since you choose furniture “in person” at the exposition, and not from catalogs, check its quality, meet the seller. For our part, having nineteen years of furniture sales experience, we guarantee strict follow-up of the legal part of the deal, customs clearance, insurance and delivery. Just call us, make the right investment in your business!

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