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about Us

Why us?

Furniture Casa has 19 years’ experience in wholesale and retail supply of furniture, specializing in individual furniture tours to China.

our mission

Is to dispel the myth about cheap Chinese furniture, which has long surpassed European items in quality and design, make its purchase affordable for every Russian customer and help your business grow and prosper!

"We are responsible for all legal issues, concluding a formal contract with you, as well as insuring your cargo"

Furniture Casa

Where we are located

Our office is located in the city of Guangzhou, about 40 minutes from Foshan, the world furniture capital, where about 3,000 furniture manufactures and showrooms offer upholstered, cabinet furniture, kitchens, decor, textiles, curtains, dish ware. The company is officially registered in China, and being in close proximity to our suppliers and in close contact with Chinese factories and markets, allows us to monitor the latest trends in furniture fashion, the development trajectory of the Chinese and world economies, in other words, “have our finger in the pulse”, collaborating not only with Russia, but also with other countries.

Our team

Джими руководитель отдела логистики


Джо - коммерческмй директор


Вики главный бухгалтер


Мики руководитель отдела проверки качества


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